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Get Accounting Experts With a Not-So-Traditional Approach

Get in touch with our professional CFOs to know the areas where you can save your operational costs and increase your profits in leaps and bounds.

Your KPO’s 3 Step Process To Increase Profits & Sales

1. Review & Identify Review & Identify

1. Review & Identify

We audit your existing business operations to find out:

  • Where is revenue made?
  • Where is money currently spent?
  • Where to save money?

2. Propose high leverage opportunity

Find high-leverage opportunities and quantify the impact on sales and profit.

  • Propose profit levers.
  • Suggest no cost profit. jumpstart and paid interventions.
  • Scrutinize expenditure and re-deploy at high profit leverage nodes.

3. Implement systems to increase profit & sales

We implement growth and operational engines like automated customer acquisition, automated collection systems etc.

Some of the systems we implement:

  • Customer & Profit amplification system
  • Monthly and weekly scorecards for critical sales & profit drivers
  • Employee review systems

YourKPO Services That Help You
Unlock Hidden Profit and Sales

1. Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping

Get accurate financial records that are easy to understand and maintain them accurately to have a clear picture of your business.

2. Tax Planning & Expert Advisory

With our planning, you can be more compliant and minimize your tax exposure.

3. Sales, profit & business scaling oriented consulting

Driving profitable sales, streamlining operations, cutting costs, setting KPIs
and dashboards.

4. HR Recruitment & Payroll Processing

Enjoy complete service payroll with no hassle or hesitation. + HR Compliance.

5. Automation & IT implementation

Automation of routine financial operations like collection follow up, lead generation & follow-up, nurturing system. Implement money saving IT systems like – E-mail, CRM, ERP, and financial software and their integration with business operations.

6. Fractional experts & SWAT teams for special projects

Fractional business experts who plug in expertise gaps or even help set up and execute early stage projects and experiments before hiring permeant staff. Fractional expert bank on – Finance, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Fund raising, M&A, JV.

Your KPO’s quick Profit & Sales Hacks video series

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you book a 45 mins free session, you will receive a mail from our client success manger with few questions that cover areas such as marketing & sales, operations and finance. You are not expected to write back in mail but be just prepared for the 45 mins sessions. In the session based on your questions and the answers you have, we will bring blueprint for cost saving and revenue increase, out of which some will be no cost and some paid.

We will also suggest some high leverage points for your business

Ideally businesses should have crossed the product-market fit and should have some revenue momentum

You're Backed By Our Risk-Free Guarantee

We are ensuring you are backed by risk free and guaranteed 10X increase in your profit & sales else no fees.


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